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Question: Made out with my CRUSH….whats next?!
Answer: SO WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT! Length -any len- Hot Milf Porn X Xxx Tubes
Question: Am I just a hook up?
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Question: Girls: your advice please: New girl now gone silent...what should i do?
Answer: Omg I totally lost it at the nice scarf. part XD these are so good! Nerdy slut needs it bad 5, Arab couple get hot and heavy 6, Drilled by BBC in the bathroom 3,
Question: Am I right to feel upset?
Answer: Dutch guys (and girls do not really date, they just come together and take it from there.

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Question: Am I a total mug?
Answer: Filipino food looks really good. Have got to try it.

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Question: Site owners: your website is broken, can you fix it?
Answer: But i still love her. italian girls r really awesome

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Question: New to OLD -- Am I being a player?
Answer: You know you're dating a Russian when cyka blyat rush B p90 idi nahoi

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Question: Does anyone go to Stafford College?
Answer: I'm French and I don't understand the french part ^^

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Question: Virgin - what you think?
Answer: Even us in South Africa needs lots of sunscreen. I thinks it's hotter here then there in the north.

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Question: Women: which US regional men do you best get along with, or?
Answer: I live in Montreal for 6 years. Quebec is the shittiest place I've seen in all my life. The people are completely language-Nazi, arrogant, uneducated (in the broad sense shallow idiots. They barely know anything about the world. They have the shittiest health care system (compared to many countries I've lived in previously).

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Question: Is the best way to find love/a partner is to stop looking?
Answer: Your showing a light skinned woman. I thought for sure that in BRAZIL you could find a dark featured woman. But no, you guys are promoting some racist sexist white woman fetish.

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Question: Will this guy ever have feelings?
Answer: Claiming that your stuff is her and it was promised to have it

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Question: Dating for 2 months (like bf/gf)...girl suddenly changed in the last week?
Answer: European Portuguese for sure ! :D

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Question: How many times can the cheetee express their hurt towards WS?
Answer: They take a looot of photos and if you have been in Paris you can understand why they can be very annoying.

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Question: Mixed Signals, a hookup, or unheard of…which is it?
Answer: The polish one was really really bad. Like american trying to speak polish with no idea what they're saying.

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Question: Would you say I am self-conscious?
Answer: You are so adorable !

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